Monday, March 19, 2012

Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 GT-N7000 Book Type - Customer Review

Good enough for me, By TheDuck (Dallas, TX USA)

I wanted something to protect the shiny sides of my Note, as well as the screen when I put it in my pocket. There are much more expensive products out there that look like they don't cover as much of the edges as this one does. Phone slips right in, feels secure, and the magnetic strap feels pretty solid. The inside is soft so I feel like it'll protect the screen. As with all cases that open from the side, using the Note as a phone (holding it up to your face) is a bit awkward, but it's nothing I can't get used to. Can't complain about the price, either. Overall, I'm happy!

Magnets on case mess with the S-Pen handwriting, By kn8hansen

The case looks great and the phone fits perfectly. The only downside to the design with the magnetic closure is that the magnets on the backside of the case cause dead spots in the screen when you're trying to jot something down. When writing over the area of the screen by the magnets, the screen stops responding and the pen doesn't work. There are two magnets on the back - center left and center right. The screen still responds to finger-touch input ok though. Besides that, it's a great case!


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