Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) Review


1. Screen display and supports high performance HD video

Regarding the screen, the first thing that attracts attention is the screen quality is excellent. Screen with 1024x600 pixel resolution is capable of displaying images that are sharp, detailed, and rich colors. The advantages are very apparent when the Playbook plays a movie featuring the blue sea and clouds with a very intriguing.

What also needs to be underlined, Playbook supports 1080p HD video in the classroom with a variety of formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV, including the converted video to 1080p High Profile format. Imagine you can enjoy high-definition movie in a traffic jam or a plenary session with a cool screen them. By the way, the Playbook also provides an HDMI jack so that we can play the video from the Playbook to the television.

2. Compact and more portable because it measures 7 inches with a weight of 435gr and is equipped with a rubber material on the back.

Blackberry Playbook has dimensions 13 x 19.4 cm of the size and 1 cm thick, almost equal to the size of the Galaxy Tab. But Blackberry Palybook more comfortable when grasped than the Galaxy Tab. This is because the back of the Playbook itself is made of rubber material that feels more solid grip without slippery. We also liked its compact and lightweight and weighs only 425 grams, the Playbook is unlikely to be a part of the time taken to travel hassle. Therefore, the Playbook is superior in terms of portability when compared to the iPad.

3. Have multitasking capabilities.

Another advantage is the ability to try Playbook highlighted multitasking. This feature allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously, and not just multi-tasking on a device like a tablet or other mobile phones. Due to other gadgets, when you run an application and move to the main menu to run other applications that are running the application will stop (pause) the processes that are running but not so in the Playbook, regardless of the ongoing process will continue even if you open an application or other features. Playbook can run many applications simultaneously, ranging from browsers, video, music, and other applications with no problems at all.

In addition Playbook provides a feature that allows users to monitor applications running in the background through the windows multitasking. For example: when we run a video and simultaneously run a browser. When the browser is active, the video is still running. Then we open the windows multitasking, which shows a small window containing the alias thumbnail browser and a video that had us play

The uniqueness of the Playbook is a bezel that is the area on the edge of the screen that has its own role. For example if you want to open a window mulitasking, we just move your finger from the bottom to the top bezel. If you want to close the application, we just drag the application window to the top of the bezel. While the left and right bezel serves to switch to another application without having to open the windows multitasking. Even activate the keyboard can be done by moving your finger from the left corner of the bezel to the center of the screen. This approach is in our opinion is very effective and practically eliminates the need for physical buttons.

4. Uncompromised Web Browsing Experience

PlayBook excellence can also be felt through the browser feature. Through the default browser that is embedded in the Playbook, you can feel the experience of internet like when using a desktop. When opening a site, you will not be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site.

5. BlackBerry Bridge

This allows you to connect and synchronize with your BlackBerry Playbook that you use. Once connected you will receive one additional fruit tray titled BridgeƂ the BlackBerry homescreen. This displays the tray icon to access some features of the BlackBerry is synchronized. For example, the calendar feature you can access a variety of appointments in the BlackBerry even make a new appointment.

When you are not in a hotspot, you can use the Bridge Browser, means to connect to the internet you use an operator in a synchronized BlackBerry.

Only when connected to other BlackBerry devices is you can feel and use the features on the maximum Playbook. So if you do not already have a BlackBerry device and plan to buy Playbook, you should delay your intentions are.


1. Has its own application stores but while this is still a bit applications available.

Playbook itself has its own application store and different from the App World for BlackBerry phones. However, the availability of applications for the Playbook now not much, but the future will be very bright. Because the Playbook application can be made with a variety of programming languages​​, like C / C + +, Adobe Air, HTML5, and JavaScript. Even Playbook can run Android applications. RIM will provide some sort of virtualization applications that will run applications on the Android operating system Playbook.

2. Does not have 3G, email applications, contacts, and calendar.

Playbook weakness: the absence of email applications, contacts, and calendar. The only access data that is to do the pairing with BlackBerry phones (the RIM BlackBerry called the Bridge). If you are connected, all emails on the phone to the BlackBerry can be seen in the Playbook. But when the pairing is interrupted, the data is missing from the Playbook. Playbook also does not have a 3G connection, so it must rely on the connection to the internet via WiFi or pairing the BlackBerry Bridge.


BlackBerry Playbook is definitely not just a device that enters the battle arena tablets without carrying a weapon. Various features such as multi-tasking and able to look up a browser and a Playbook differentiator with its competitors.

Unfortunately, the fundamental vital features such as email applications, contacts calendar also is available by default and can only be obtained after connecting Playbook with BlackBerry smartphones. As of this writing, even BlackBerry Messenger is also not yet available in the Playbook. But do not worry for this one, the middle of setting it up via BlackBerry BlackBerry Bridge. So it's no exaggeration to call Playbook as a complement to the BlackBerry smartphone. Read the full specification of BlackBerry Playbook in here.

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  1. The blackberry Playbook support Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Mobile AIR as well as HTML5 for browser. It is also allowing a high reliability, multimedia experience allowing you to fully immerse yourself in whatever you enjoy.