Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tips for Choosing the Right Tablet PC

 Tablet PC can be said to have become one of the gadgets must be owned at the present time. Tablet PC boom makes the producers rushed to build new tablet variants, so that consumers offered a large selection of tablets with strengths and weaknesses of each. Therefore, consumers must be clever in choosing the Tablet to be bought so as not to regret later on. In choosing a Tablet PC there are some things to consider, namely:

The first thing to note is the battery performance, given the important role of these components on the Tablet PC. Useless if the Tablet PC has the full capability but is not supported by long-lasting battery performance. Therefore, choose a Tablet PC that has a battery with 1500 mAh capacity above.

Operating System
Probably most of you often make choices based on the Tablet PC operating system used, but should also consider other elements of the operating system. Do not just focus on user inerface OS that looks interesting. Note also whether the vendor of the product or its OS developers have a broad application support. The operating system can not be said to be great without the support of the application. Choose the OS that supports applications that fit your needs.

Role in the Tablet PC screen is also very important. Tablet PC screen should be able to display the graphics are nice and the screen should also have a responsive touchscreen technology as it becomes the main access navigation. Even better if the screen Tablet PC support multitouch functions. Consider also whether you have a Tablet PC option strong protection on the finger or other object scratches so it is not easily damaged. In addition, the size of the screen can also be an important consideration for the comfort of the eyes and fingers.

Internet Connection
Tablet PCs are ideal would have the support of internet connection. For those of you who are mobile, mobile internet connection must have a Tablet PC of your choice. Tablet PC but some products are not released a version equipped with mobile internet connections, only equipped with a WiFi connection.

Dimensions and Weights
Do not believe that you can see, before buying you should also have tried using the Tablet PC of your choice. Not only try its features, but you also have to sense whether the body design is convenient to use a Tablet PC. Note also the weight, you do not want to constantly hold the tablet PC that weights heavy is it?

Brand and After Sales Service
When you are faced with the difficulty of selecting a Tablet PC because of the products you choose will have the specs, features and advantages are equal, then choose a brand that you know or like. By identifying the brand, you must already know the reputation of the brand products. Also, do not forget to choose a brand that has an adequate after-sales support and wide.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Review - Brand New Tablet From Samsung

7-inch tablet is the most interesting. For the time being is not feasible to use the old operating system, then for most new tablet, Honeycomb OS is a must. In addition, support from the processor computing speed above 1 GHz is also absolutely necessary because of the rich features of a tablet that seems to be continually present.

Ages 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to have lost its heyday and with the increasing number of competitors, Samsung also respond to the situation by launching its latest variant, the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. Various modifications to be done especially on the body. The body of the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus more curve and thickness trimmed to about 4 mm. With these modifications become increasingly lighter weight and body look slimmer.

Up grade user interface used on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 adopted to Tab 7 Plus. The change is indeed very significant in this UI. User interface is more creative and more fun for users. Meanwhile, telephony functionality is still maintained in the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is like its predecessor.

Another change is in front of the camera, from 1.3 MP increased by using a 2 MP camera. PLS LCD screen is used to maintain the excessive energy consumption. But in fact the model of dual-core processor is enough for efficient use 4000mAh batteries.

Stock tablet is getting crowded, but with the power of brands owned samsung samsung potential remains one of the leaders of the market is still high. With the strength of its brand, which features more complete, and the body that fits in the hand, Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is worth to be recommended.

Source : forsel magazine

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) Review


1. Screen display and supports high performance HD video

Regarding the screen, the first thing that attracts attention is the screen quality is excellent. Screen with 1024x600 pixel resolution is capable of displaying images that are sharp, detailed, and rich colors. The advantages are very apparent when the Playbook plays a movie featuring the blue sea and clouds with a very intriguing.

What also needs to be underlined, Playbook supports 1080p HD video in the classroom with a variety of formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV, including the converted video to 1080p High Profile format. Imagine you can enjoy high-definition movie in a traffic jam or a plenary session with a cool screen them. By the way, the Playbook also provides an HDMI jack so that we can play the video from the Playbook to the television.

2. Compact and more portable because it measures 7 inches with a weight of 435gr and is equipped with a rubber material on the back.

Blackberry Playbook has dimensions 13 x 19.4 cm of the size and 1 cm thick, almost equal to the size of the Galaxy Tab. But Blackberry Palybook more comfortable when grasped than the Galaxy Tab. This is because the back of the Playbook itself is made of rubber material that feels more solid grip without slippery. We also liked its compact and lightweight and weighs only 425 grams, the Playbook is unlikely to be a part of the time taken to travel hassle. Therefore, the Playbook is superior in terms of portability when compared to the iPad.

3. Have multitasking capabilities.

Another advantage is the ability to try Playbook highlighted multitasking. This feature allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously, and not just multi-tasking on a device like a tablet or other mobile phones. Due to other gadgets, when you run an application and move to the main menu to run other applications that are running the application will stop (pause) the processes that are running but not so in the Playbook, regardless of the ongoing process will continue even if you open an application or other features. Playbook can run many applications simultaneously, ranging from browsers, video, music, and other applications with no problems at all.

In addition Playbook provides a feature that allows users to monitor applications running in the background through the windows multitasking. For example: when we run a video and simultaneously run a browser. When the browser is active, the video is still running. Then we open the windows multitasking, which shows a small window containing the alias thumbnail browser and a video that had us play

The uniqueness of the Playbook is a bezel that is the area on the edge of the screen that has its own role. For example if you want to open a window mulitasking, we just move your finger from the bottom to the top bezel. If you want to close the application, we just drag the application window to the top of the bezel. While the left and right bezel serves to switch to another application without having to open the windows multitasking. Even activate the keyboard can be done by moving your finger from the left corner of the bezel to the center of the screen. This approach is in our opinion is very effective and practically eliminates the need for physical buttons.

4. Uncompromised Web Browsing Experience

PlayBook excellence can also be felt through the browser feature. Through the default browser that is embedded in the Playbook, you can feel the experience of internet like when using a desktop. When opening a site, you will not be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site.

5. BlackBerry Bridge

This allows you to connect and synchronize with your BlackBerry Playbook that you use. Once connected you will receive one additional fruit tray titled BridgeƂ the BlackBerry homescreen. This displays the tray icon to access some features of the BlackBerry is synchronized. For example, the calendar feature you can access a variety of appointments in the BlackBerry even make a new appointment.

When you are not in a hotspot, you can use the Bridge Browser, means to connect to the internet you use an operator in a synchronized BlackBerry.

Only when connected to other BlackBerry devices is you can feel and use the features on the maximum Playbook. So if you do not already have a BlackBerry device and plan to buy Playbook, you should delay your intentions are.


1. Has its own application stores but while this is still a bit applications available.

Playbook itself has its own application store and different from the App World for BlackBerry phones. However, the availability of applications for the Playbook now not much, but the future will be very bright. Because the Playbook application can be made with a variety of programming languages​​, like C / C + +, Adobe Air, HTML5, and JavaScript. Even Playbook can run Android applications. RIM will provide some sort of virtualization applications that will run applications on the Android operating system Playbook.

2. Does not have 3G, email applications, contacts, and calendar.

Playbook weakness: the absence of email applications, contacts, and calendar. The only access data that is to do the pairing with BlackBerry phones (the RIM BlackBerry called the Bridge). If you are connected, all emails on the phone to the BlackBerry can be seen in the Playbook. But when the pairing is interrupted, the data is missing from the Playbook. Playbook also does not have a 3G connection, so it must rely on the connection to the internet via WiFi or pairing the BlackBerry Bridge.


BlackBerry Playbook is definitely not just a device that enters the battle arena tablets without carrying a weapon. Various features such as multi-tasking and able to look up a browser and a Playbook differentiator with its competitors.

Unfortunately, the fundamental vital features such as email applications, contacts calendar also is available by default and can only be obtained after connecting Playbook with BlackBerry smartphones. As of this writing, even BlackBerry Messenger is also not yet available in the Playbook. But do not worry for this one, the middle of setting it up via BlackBerry BlackBerry Bridge. So it's no exaggeration to call Playbook as a complement to the BlackBerry smartphone. Read the full specification of BlackBerry Playbook in here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Logitech Laptop Headset H555 Portable Audio For Notebooks

Laptop Headset H555
Noteworthy options

• light-weight, foldable and moveable

• Super wideband audio for high-quality net voice and video calls

• comfy and adjustable behind-the-head style

• Crystal-clear USB audio

• Rotating noise-cancelling mic

Fold-and-go pure digital audio for notebooks
Compact and cozy, this high-performance USB headset folds flat, therefore you'll be able to simply take clear communications with you wherever you're employed.

Foldable, take-along style
Slips simply into your laptop bag and comes complete with a soft travel case

Clearer net calls in Super Wideband
- Better voice quality using less network bandwidth
- Works with Skype four.0 for Windows, Skype 2.8 for Mac and Logitech Vid

Adjustable comfort
Behind-the-head style and adjustable ear pads provide you with a personalised work

Pure USB digital audio
- Clear, crisp stereo sound for your voice communications, music, movies and games
- Simple USB association

Noise-cancelling mic
- Reduces background noise therefore you are clearly heard
- Rotates out of the means when you are not on a decision

Which Logitech Headset Is Right For You? Read the additional information in here...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth Headset

Notable for its triple-mic style and intelligent voice recognition, the Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth Headset takes wireless communications to a replacement level. With the Savor headset, you'll be able to use your voice to answer calls, check headset standing, or dial Plantronics Vocalyst or Microsoft's Bing411 audio services. The headset conjointly helps you to stream music, podcasts, and a lot of wirelessly from your transportable using A2DP Bluetooth technology. a light-weight build and versatile ear tips increase the headset's comfort.

Three Microphones to Capture Your Natural Voice
The Savor sports a singular V-frame style with 3 synchronized mics strategically placed to best capture your voice. The addition of a 3rd, noise-activated microphone higher isolates your voice for a a lot of natural sound while not the necessity for an extended boom.The AudioiQ3 technology with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) any reduces background noise and permits clear conversations between you and your listener.

Voice Commands for Hands-Free Operation
With voice-activation technology, you'll be able to answer calls while not lifting a finger. merely say "answer" to choose up an incoming decision, or press the dedicated voice button for a number of alternative convenient commands, like "pair mode," "redial," "cancel," or "call data."Using this feature, you'll be able to access Plantronics Vocalyst hands-free text and audio email service, or Microsoft's Bing 411 service for traffic, weather, sports, news, and alternative updates.

One-Year Free Subscription to Vocalyst
The Savor package includes a free, one-year subscription to Plantronics Vocalyst (service in USA only), that provides you with a spread of voice and text services that you simply will access directly from the headset. With Vocalyst, you'll be able to use easy voice commands to own your emails, text messages, or Twitter feed browse aloud to you, and even send text replies whereas you are listening. And if you would like to record a reminder for yourself, Vocalyst will send it to you as an audio email.  

Voice and Visual Alerts
Enhanced voice alerts like "phone connected," "low battery," "talk time X hours," and "pairing" eliminate the guesswork of managing calls or keeping track of the headset's battery level. Additionally, built-in software permits you to watch the headset's battery level on your iPhone. 

Stream Music and a lot of from Your Mobile Phone
Supporting the Bluetooth A2DP profile, Savor helps you to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, GPS directions, and a lot of wirelessly from your A2DP-enabled transportable right to the headset.  

Comfy Ear Tips and a light-weight Construction 
The Savor package includes soft, flexible, silicone gel ear tips in 3 completely different sizes, in conjunction with an optional earloop for multiple sporting options--providing you with the best match, with or while not glasses.The compact, light-weight style and in-ear sporting vogue allow you to placed on the headset quickly and simply when a decision comes in.Experience up to four hours of speak time and 7 days of standby time, and preserve the battery power by using the dedicated on/off switch.The Plantronics Savor M1100 is backed by a one-year restricted warranty. 

What's within the Box 
Savor M1100 Bluetooth Headset, 3 sets of ear tips, optional earloop, AC charger, and carrying pouch. Product Description 84000-01- Plantronics Savor M1100/R Bluetooth Mobile Headset US. Notable for its triple-mic style and intelligent voice recognition the Plantronics Savor M1100 takes wireless communications to a replacement level. With the Savor headset you'll be able to use your voice to answer calls check headset standing or dial Plantronics Vocalyst or Microsoft's Bing411 audio services. The headset conjointly helps you to stream music podcasts and a lot of wirelessly from your transportable using A2DP Bluetooth technology. a light-weight build and versatile ear tips increase the headset's comfort. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 GT-N7000 Book Type - Customer Review

Good enough for me, By TheDuck (Dallas, TX USA)

I wanted something to protect the shiny sides of my Note, as well as the screen when I put it in my pocket. There are much more expensive products out there that look like they don't cover as much of the edges as this one does. Phone slips right in, feels secure, and the magnetic strap feels pretty solid. The inside is soft so I feel like it'll protect the screen. As with all cases that open from the side, using the Note as a phone (holding it up to your face) is a bit awkward, but it's nothing I can't get used to. Can't complain about the price, either. Overall, I'm happy!

Magnets on case mess with the S-Pen handwriting, By kn8hansen

The case looks great and the phone fits perfectly. The only downside to the design with the magnetic closure is that the magnets on the backside of the case cause dead spots in the screen when you're trying to jot something down. When writing over the area of the screen by the magnets, the screen stops responding and the pen doesn't work. There are two magnets on the back - center left and center right. The screen still responds to finger-touch input ok though. Besides that, it's a great case!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dell Streak 7 Review

Dell streak 7 has dimensions 200 x 119.8 x 12.4 mm. compact enough for a tablet. Not too big and not too small. Wrapped in glossy black, Dell Streak 7 looks fashionable and stylish.

From the side of the screen, dell tablet brings capacitive touchscreen TFT display with 7-inch 400 x 800 pixel resolution capable of producing up to 256K colors. It's not the best. However this may be as a business strategy of dell selling price in order to suppress the tablet is able to compete with global vendors tablet.

Dual-core 1GHz processors made by NVIDIA, Tegra 2 is the fastest mobile processor currently. He not only superior in terms of clock speed, but this chipset also efficient in power consumption because it is equipped with features ULP. Another superior technology of this chipset is its ability to handle games with 3D format in addition to playing videos with HD quality (1080p resolution)

There were no information why the dell does not use Honeycomb Android on this tablet 7. Though NVIDIA Tegra 2 is only able to run best when paired with Honeycomb. Could this be the tablet OS upgrade? Maybe.

Dell streak 7 is equipped with 16GB internal memory and can be expanded up to 32GB. Storage space is quite a relief. Thousands of MP3 songs can be stored there in and can be heard through the speakers or 3.5mm audio jack.

For business and  photography dell streak 7 is equipped with a 5MP main camera auto-focus, LED flash, geo-tagging, Digital Zoom, White Balance, and a wide selection of effects and scenes. This camera can also be used as a video recorder. Meanwhile, to make video calls, there is a 1.3MP camera on the front that serves to make video calls (video calls).

HSDPA + channel that has a speed of 21 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps to be the primary connection when surfing through the SIM Card. There is a Wi-Fi as an alternative channel when accessing the Internet through the hotspot. The device is also equipped with wireless technology tethering. Not complete enough?

One that was less than the absence Dell streak 7 HDMI port. So that the video recording can not be seen through the LCD screen.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hybrid Gadget From Samsung - Galaxy Note Review

Samsung has finally launched its latest gadget, Galaxy note. Galaxy note is a hybrid product. This product is a combination of smartphones and Tabet. Some of the applications contained in thetablet pc Galaxy note this gadget uses the android OS and equipped with a 1.4GHz processor Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. It has a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen and sports an 8MP rear camera and 2MP upfront. Camera with a resolution of 8 MP was implanted in this smartphone.In addition, the Galaxy's Note Pen comes with a stylus which is the innovation from Samsung that allows users to draw on the smartphone screen.

Samsung displays the simplicity of the design of the Galaxy Note 5.3-inch screen is quite large for a smartphone, but on the other handsmall enough for a tablet. Glimpse of the same pattern as theSamsung Galaxy SII re-used in combination with blue-black color.Samsung also provides a little extra grip to provide a steady handleon this petite device.

Galaxy Note has a metal frame that can be found on all sides and front panelcontrol with just one hand. With a diameter of 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65mm and weighs 178 g, of this handset is quite small, even though it feels a little heavy in hand, but relatively easy to get into the front pocket of your jeans, the skinny jeans you are not using.

There are a variety of unique applications designed specifically for the S Pen, including the application of S Memo S, which can be used to collect scrap concise and provide a platform to create a more complete record, and some applications can be downloaded via the S Choice store.

As Hello Crayon is designed for children so that they can make a full-color sketches with crayons and markers in various colors. Hello Color Pencil is very similar to the Hello Crayon, the difference is only in the medium used is replaced with colored pencil crayons. In addition to these two applications, are also Halo Chalk.

Kies Air, as we have seen earlier, this feature allows you to connect to the Galaxy Note from the browser of a computer on the sameWiFi network, and access to multimedia, contacts, read / send SMS messages wirelessly. But do not try to transfer Full HD video of the Note, it will take a very long time. Please read the customer review in here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acer Launches Acer Iconia A500

Not to be outdone by its rivals, computer manufacturer Acer has finally launched a tablet computer products, Acer Iconia A500, which uses the Operating System (OS) for Android tablet Honeycomb 3.0

Acer Iconia A500 is equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovation to respond to market needs. Acer Iconia A500 is a tablet that is able to provide the best entertainment for the users of the application of high definition gaming and multimedia-rich features such as high-definition video (HD).

Honeycomb is the first Android operating system designed specifically for the tablet platform, and allows users to switch between features without the need to turn off the feature before.

Acer Iconia A500 in terms of user interfaces that were presented did seem pretty user friendly, where the widget - a widget that show theupdates are always visible and the user need not enter into these widgets, so just watch it through the thumbnail picture displayed on the screen.

Acer Iconia A500 in terms of user interfaces that were presented did seem pretty user friendly, always seem to widgets that perform update and the user not need to enter into these widgets, so just watching through the thumbnail picture displayed on the screen.

If you ever use a kind of iPad tablet, you would have to move your finger to move his application, but the Acer Iconia A500 users can simply press the right or left side of the gadget's screen to move pages and applications.

In addition, the Iconia also been reinforced with dual Nvidia Tegraprocessor 2250 ghz speed 1 and has supported 10.2 Flash plug-in that makes the thrill of browsing on the internet is no different from a PC or notebook.

You must be wondering, how long the battery resistance? Acer  Iconia A500 has 2 sell batteries and are able to do the playback (play) HDvideo or HD entertainment serves 6 to 8 hours.

Features Acer Social Jogger - superior features contained in Acer Iconia A500, include facilitating access to social media like Facebook or YouTube.

While for the needs of the entertainment device is equipped withthree 3D games is Need for Speed Shift, Lets Golf, Hero of Sparta,but there are also applications to the business office Docs to go.

Unfortunately this device (Acer Iconia A500) connectivity is still limited to Wi-Fi only, the absence of 3G makes you have to keep relying on a wireless network wi-fi only. Please... read the original review about Acer Iconia A500 in here.