Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hybrid Gadget From Samsung - Galaxy Note Review

Samsung has finally launched its latest gadget, Galaxy note. Galaxy note is a hybrid product. This product is a combination of smartphones and Tabet. Some of the applications contained in thetablet pc Galaxy note this gadget uses the android OS and equipped with a 1.4GHz processor Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. It has a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen and sports an 8MP rear camera and 2MP upfront. Camera with a resolution of 8 MP was implanted in this smartphone.In addition, the Galaxy's Note Pen comes with a stylus which is the innovation from Samsung that allows users to draw on the smartphone screen.

Samsung displays the simplicity of the design of the Galaxy Note 5.3-inch screen is quite large for a smartphone, but on the other handsmall enough for a tablet. Glimpse of the same pattern as theSamsung Galaxy SII re-used in combination with blue-black color.Samsung also provides a little extra grip to provide a steady handleon this petite device.

Galaxy Note has a metal frame that can be found on all sides and front panelcontrol with just one hand. With a diameter of 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65mm and weighs 178 g, of this handset is quite small, even though it feels a little heavy in hand, but relatively easy to get into the front pocket of your jeans, the skinny jeans you are not using.

There are a variety of unique applications designed specifically for the S Pen, including the application of S Memo S, which can be used to collect scrap concise and provide a platform to create a more complete record, and some applications can be downloaded via the S Choice store.

As Hello Crayon is designed for children so that they can make a full-color sketches with crayons and markers in various colors. Hello Color Pencil is very similar to the Hello Crayon, the difference is only in the medium used is replaced with colored pencil crayons. In addition to these two applications, are also Halo Chalk.

Kies Air, as we have seen earlier, this feature allows you to connect to the Galaxy Note from the browser of a computer on the sameWiFi network, and access to multimedia, contacts, read / send SMS messages wirelessly. But do not try to transfer Full HD video of the Note, it will take a very long time. Please read the customer review in here.

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