Sunday, April 8, 2012

New iPad Overheat?

In the midst of its appearance, the iPad third generation or so-called New iPad, reap the odor issue. New iPad rumored to release excessive heat. Is it true?

Some sites attempt to prove the technology adaptable for the issue, one of these sites is This site benchmark test OpenGL graphics system to test the ability of New iPad with iPad, but online media is finding other facts, namely that the temperature of New iPad penetrate 33.6 degrees Celsius, five degrees Celsius higher than the iPad 2.

The results of the proof is finally growing and becoming a hot issue in the past two weeks, even with a more intensive testing, other media technologies get more fantastic, the temperature of New iPad could be hotter than 10 degrees Celsius with iPad 2. Meanwhile, the results of Consumer Reports study also said that if the temperature of New iPad could be higher than the temperature of the iPad 2 between 10 to 13 degrees Celsius.

According to analysts, the New iPad overheating caused by the use of screens and processors A5X retina with quadcore GPU card. In addition, the New iPad using a large battery size. The Apple has stated that the new iPad, does not have a problem because it already passed the stage of their thermal test.

In his official site, Apple states that the New iPad comes with Retina Display, A5X chipset, supports the use of 4G LTE, and powered by batteries that can be used within 10 hours. New iPad operate well in our thermal specifications and if you are having problems please contact AppleCare

Are you still interested in this third-generation iPad? This case might make you sad. From the testing we did, New iPad body feels warmer than the iPad 2, but not significant. If used in standards activities, the temperature of New iPad we think is still within normal limits.

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